Thursday, June 29, 2006

not much...

I stopped by last night to see the progress. They told me that the "false wall" was put in, so I wanted to see for myself. Hmmm, the base seems to stick out a little too far, but there was really no other option. My oven is in, fridge is unpacked, and my microwave is unpacked and sitting on the work station to the left of the kitchen. I was a bit dissapointed thinking that they'd be farther than they were, but its okay. Now, I just have to go to Home Depot and pick out my counter color. The color I originally chose seems a bit dark. So, I have to go make sure. My floor still looks tan in this picture. It was called medium white, so it should be white. And, it looks white. Not sure why it appears tan. Hmmm, maybe because of the pure white in the rest of the room. Anyway, little changes. Hopefully, my next update will be a larger jump. Enjoy!

Monday, June 26, 2006


I went to my apartment this weekend and checked out where things are. So, the kitchen tiles are in and the old wood floor tiles have been ripped up. The kitchen cabinets are up. But, they do need to be taken down and have a five inch wall put up to accommodate pipes that stick out too far from the wall. Of course, this costs more money. The flow of money just doesn't seem to end. Unfortunately, it is flowing the wrong way. From the pics, you can get a sense of what it will look like. The kitchen tiles are actually white, but appear tan in this picture. They used a light grout to match the light wood floors and cabinets. I had envisioned my apartment with darkwood, but everyone warned of how that would make my place look even smaller than it already is. So, I had my doubts on the light wood, but decided to go in that direction. After seeing my cabinets up, I feel much better with the light colors. That tall box in the center of my kitchen is my refrigerator. Oh, the contractor is wrapping my hot water pipe with twine. You can see that half of it is done. He ran out. Surprisingly, he's not charging for it. I'm sure he felt bad because he's charging me so much for everything else. Anyway, this is the next stage. Everything is a little more cleaned up. The lines are cleaner. Things are starting to take shape.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It finally began after fighting to get my permits, licenses, and go ahead from the management office. I started the renovations three months later than I had planned due to the incompetence of others. The first things to go were the walls. The wall that separated the kitchen from the living space, the closet, and the small walls that stuck into the living space were all taken out to open the space up. It was quite weird to see my place in this state. The only thing that won't be touched is the bathroom. All floors are being replaced. Walls repainted. Everything in the kitchen is being replaced. I'm excited because I'm going with bamboo floors which I didn't think I'd be able to afford. They were actually at Home Depot in the price range my contractors included in the price. Oh yeah, no shoes will be permitted inside the apartment. At this moment, the tiles in the kitchen are done. All new appliances are there except for the oven. Cabinets are in, but need to be removed because a false wall that needs to be placed in to accommodate a deep oven.

my space

So, this is one of the many items that has been taking up most of my time. My very own little space on the lower east side. Yep, when I say little, I mean little. It's about 500 square feet. Smaller than a tennis court. The conveniences are what make this place ideal for me. In the city, close to good cheap food, close to subways, close to trendy areas, small gym in the building, etc. Yet, far enough that you're not right in the middle of anything. When I first saw the place, I liked the layout of the place. One big rectangle of a living space with a full kitchen and the bathroom located towards the front. But, it still needed some work. This picture is of my place before any work has been done to it. One if of the "living space" and the other is of the kitchen.


Okay, so it seems that I need to post a pic before I can set it for my profile. So, this is a pic of me in the actual trash can that Oscar lives in. We visited the set one day and we were allowed to play a around a little. FUN!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Soo, lets see if I can make this thing work....