Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Curtains

I finally got new curtains. I had Ikea curtains for the longest. Yep, the ones moved to my wardrobe. They didn't block out light very well. And, with June not liking light shining in the morning, we needed new curtains. These are from West Elm. They're a little bright, but I thought my "room" needed it. After I confirmed the color with June, we picked them up. :) I think they work well. They keep the light out nicely, which allows sleep to continue just that little bit longer without being disturbed by the morning light. Like when you spend a night in a hotel and you get up in the morning. You open the shades and the blazing light comes through. It's nice to have that at home. They were a little expensive compared to Ikea curtains, but also not as expensive as other heavy curtains. These were a good set of mid ground curtains. Now, sleep goes on. :)