Thursday, April 26, 2007


Whew, I haven't posted any items for a while. I guess I haven't really had anything else to pick up for the apartment for a while. All the stuff left are large items. But, I did pick up this little item. Not so much for the apartment, but just a item that I was very pleased with. My Sony headset that came with my phone started dropping out on me and soon became useless. So, I had to hunt down a headset. I had looked at the bluetooth headsets before, but the performance was shaky for the price. But, this time I did some research and found this new headset with some really nice functions. Well, one main feature. That is the noise cancelling function. I was skeptical, but it really is quite amazing. But, the headset does need to be making contact with your cheek. So, if you rock huge side burns, this headset may not work for you. But, other than that, you should be very happy with the performance of this headset. You can order it straight from