Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Just took another trip to Ikea! Love that place. This time, I picked this little item up. It's a wire organizer. Since my place is limited in space, I do not have space to use my drafting table as just drawing area. I have to use it as my "office". So, I have to try to make things as efficient as possible and as clean as possible. This organizer will give me a place to tuck wires and place chargers. And, not have them sitting on the table top or hanging off the side. It's a good buy at $13. And, its tight enough to the table that it won't hit your knees. Nice!

I also picked up these hooks. I was actually looking for these round knob like hooks, but it seems that they were out of them. And, I had been waiting a while to find hooks for my bathroom. So, I settled on these. They're not horrible, but not ideal. They're basically blunt hooks. Very simple and clean design. They do serve their purpose. I staggered the placement for a little funkier feel.......well, at least not a normal feel. Yep, I still have the old holes that belong to the previous hook system.

And, I placed three hooks lower and off to the side on the door to hold my laundry bag and whatever else needs to be placed lower.

Monday, November 06, 2006


You won't believe what I had to go through to finally get this player to work. For some reason, all the players that I bought didn't work. And, the fourth one I had delivered(UPS) was damaged. I went to two stores and returned four DVD players before I figured out that I was doing something wrong. I didn't read the manual. I couldn't get the HDMI connection to work. When connected the picture on the tv was just flickering and looked like it was not connecting at all. I connected the component wires to see if there was any difference. The image was flipping and it was pink. I finally openned the manual and looked at the troubleshooting section. And, of course, there was a solution. Read the proper pages. And, taadaa, I had myself a fully funtional HDMI upconverted multi region dvd player. Not HD DVD, but I'm going to wait till they work the bugs out and reduce the size, and price, to upgrade. And, it looks pretty nice too. Not bad for around $90. Just remember to read the manual before running to return it. Some of these players need their video functions activated or set to the right output in order for it to work properly.

And, below the dvd player, that is the DVR Digital Cable Box. If you have a HD capable tv set, you definitely need to upgrade to this tuner. It gives you the HD channels and it records shows. Its been great because if you have shows you like to catch, like we do, it frees you up a bit from a tv schedule. And, allows you to finish that dinner, finish up that work, work out, whatever you need to do without worrying about missing a show. PLUS, it has two tuners, so it can record two shows at the same time. It's $9 more a month on top of digital cable, but its totally worth it.