Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Not much going on with the apartment lately. Little things here and there. This is one of them. I was very presently surprised one day to receive a notice that my apartment was one of the apartments that needed to be regrouted. I was especially pleased with this because I had been frustrated with the condition of the grout and borders around my bathtub. So, I made the call and scheduled to have this done. I didn't expect much because of my past dealings with the maintenance crew in my building. But, to my surprise, the grout looked great. Well, at least it looked great to me in my limited idea of what grout should look like. It just looked cleaner. Here I have two pictures. One of the tiles around my tub, which has been regrouted. And, the other is of the tiles on the other side of the bathroom that have not been regrouted. The one on the bottom is the one that has not been updated. It's hard to tell the difference here, but it's actually a very noticeable difference. The old grout appears a bit yellow and is cracked and chipping off at some points. I'm actually trying to get the maintenance crew to regrout the whole bathroom so it matches. So, That'll be my next battle.