Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sloppy Joes!!

Since I've moved to NYC I've always kept an eye out for sloppy joes. I had one at this place and they tried to fancy it up too much. I'm looking for old school cafeteria type sloppy joes. No fancy vegis or seasonings or wraps. Good old tomato sauce and ground meat on a cheap hamburger bun. Maaaybe, some variation in the sauce. But, its important to have the same consistency. It's been years. Finally, my girlfriend and I just decided to pick up some Manwich and some ground beef and make our own. Bought some cheap hamburger buns. Just make sure they're not expired. BAM!! Sloppy joes! MmMmmm, just like I likes em. So sloppy you can't eat it like a sandwich. It takes a fork to eat these if you don't want to wear it. The cheap buns soak up the extra sauce. Best and most important thing, the sauce is not watery. As you can see, the sauce is thick. We threw in some fries for good measure. Awesome!!! Now I just have to find that cafeteria spagetti...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New view

I waited a long time to pick up a new camera. My last camera was a point and shoot Sony that I picked up in Hong Kong due to my other camera being lost in Thailand. Yeah, I was dumb enough to leave the strap of the camera hanging out my pocket. Yoink, it was gone. So, I picked up a Sony that I really enjoyed. Its a great camera. So, I just couldn't find a camera that I wanted to move onto. But, I think the wait was worth it. This is the Canon G9. It's a hell of a camera. It has a full auto mode and there are many settings that you you can adjust manually. For me, I really wanted a camera, that wasn't huge, that I could attach lenses to. Plus, because I like taking pictures without a flash, an image stabilizer was very important. For the longest time, I had to be extra careful about shooting without flash. This camera handles that like a champ. There are so many functions and combinations of functions on this camera that it will take me a long time to even figure it out. But, the pictures are coming out nice. And, I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about this awesome camera.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yaay, Blueray!

I finally did it. Took the dive and picked up a PS3. I picked up the 80Gig version. We do the Netflixing, so the Blu-rayness of the system was the biggest plus. I have to say that our first Blu-ray experience wasn't a very good one. The video stuck at crucial points. Thank goodness it wasn't one of those movies that it mattered for. But, the video and sound quality is amazing. I'm hoping future movies play smoother. Of course, the PS3 can play games as well. I don't like sports or RPG games, so that really doesn't allow me to see the systems full potential in gaming. But, I do enjoy my driving and racing games. But, mostly, this system will be used to watch movies. I really bought a Blu-ray player with gaming capabilities. The system itself is heavy as hell compared to other systems. It's pretty big too. I'm sure the size will be halfed in a month or two. It comes with one wireless game controller. And, amazingly, it was bundled with a game. Unfortunately, it was a RPG game. So, I picked up a used driving game for $20 in Chinatown. Nice! So far, I'm still loving it.