Monday, November 03, 2008


June and I are planning to buy a place. So, naturally, we are freaking out about money. In this freaking out state, we have decided to take on a V-budget. What is a V-budget, you ask? We have a friend named Vanessa. She is what some would call a cheap ass or others would call frugal and yet others would call very thrifty. Whatever you want to call her, she knows how to save a lot of money. She's in her mid 20s and already a landlord. Not too shabby. So, the V-budget is basically a budget that Vanessa follows. Her system is pretty complex. But, at the very basics, its spending $100 a week on food and common needs (bathroom goods, cleaning goods, etc). And, if you have anything left over of the $100, you roll it over into the next week. And, if you go over, you take it from your next week's budget. June and I don't really spend that much in the first place, so it really isn't that hard of a change. But, we've started picking up groceries from Trader Joes. It's actually pretty fun. It gives us something to do together and actually puts our kitchen to use. Plus, it gives us a sense of where our money is. So, anyway, Trader Joes is a great friend to the budget conscious.