Sunday, October 12, 2008


I waited a while to make the move to the iPhone. I wanted to when they first came out, but I usually avoid buying the first generation of anything Apple. There's usually some bug or some huge update that comes up. And, of course, this was true of the iPhone. So, once the G3 version came out, it sounded good enough to jump in. I talked about it so much that June bought it for me for my birthday. She wanted to surprise me with it, but they wouldn't allow her to buy it without me. But, its the thought that's important, right? The iPhone is awesome. There's only been a few dropped signals. That's annoying as hell. But, it doesn't happen enough to really complain about it. Another thing, the maps should be more accurate. I thought it would be like a GPS car system, but its not as accurate. Not bad, but could be better. Other than that, its been fun playing with apps and being able to access information when and where ever I want. Well, not in the subways. But, that's not Apple's fault. I'd recommend the iPhone to anyone that likes gadgets. It's the ultimate gadget. Oh, one other thing, you can't use it as a hard drive. That blows. But, you can buy a flash drive for $10, so its not that big a deal. Anyway, I still would recommend the iPhone. It's AWESOME!


The little trash can. June pointed out that an open trash bucket in the bathroom might be a little unsightly for visitors. That made sense, so we picked up this little can. It's a mini version of the trash can we picked up for the kitchen. We went with the white to match the bathroom. I picked this up at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's made by Simple Human. I really like their products. All their products have clean simple lines. It works well for small spaces. I guess I'm a simple human. :)