Monday, February 25, 2008

laptop stand

So, here's the situation. I use a Apple laptop. I still run the Titanium. Yah, old school. The thing runs hot. Like, cook an egg on the surface hot. It's okay sitting on a desk or on my drafting table. But, it was always a problem sitting on my lap. I'd use pillows, seat cushions, and all sorts of contraptions. So, one day I was looking for stands to elevate the laptop on my "desk". You know, just simple laptop stands. I came across an item that was interesting. A table that had a adjustable height. It really looked like a table top attached to a barber shop chair's base. And, it hit me. I have a spare drafting chair. And, I've been looking for a way to sit on the couch and work on my laptop as I'm watching TV or movies with my girlfriend. You know, have to find that balance. Can't neglect the girlfriend too much because of work. Anyway, this little contraption is wonderful. It may not be the most visually appealing item, but it was made from pieces I had lying around. The functionality of it is great. It adjusts to different heights for different sitting situations. It reaches in close enough to work comfortably, and swivels out of the way when not needed. And, if you replace the wheels with flat legs, its really stable. Again, this is a very no frills idea. I just wanted to see if it works. Now, I'm thinking of finding nicer pieces, so I can make a more appealing stand. But, for now, this works beautifully. So, its a drafting chair base with a Ikea cabinet panel. Bolt it together and you got yourself a nifty laptop table.