Thursday, April 17, 2008

covered up

Yay, I finally put up some curtains on my wardrobe. Open wardrobes only look good on TV and in product shots. In real life, like many other things that look great on TV, a open wardrobe becomes a mess. Shirts and pants start hanging all lopsided and sticking out. Boxes aren't exactly spaced. Shelves aren't perfectly lit. It's just not the same. So, I decided to put up some curtains. I wanted something with clean and simple lines. And, the sliding doors that go with this unit take up too much space and are too rigid.  I ended up getting some small curtain rods from West Elm that matched my larger curtain rod over my windows. And, I moved the Ikea curtains that were on my windows over to the wardrobe. They're a little short now. But, I plan to get another panel and adjust them all to the same length. The appearance came out better than I had hoped. It accomplishes a soft clean look with very simple clean lines.  

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

creating space

I keep on buying things and my place remains the same size. So, until I can afford to purchase another room, I have to just make room. So, I have a Dahon folding bike. It folds small enough. But, in a 500sqft apartment, it's a little challenging to find space for it. I wanted to hang it off the wall or the ceiling, but that requires drilling into concrete. I'm not ready for that. So, I had to sit it somewhere on the ground. I decided to put it by the entrance. BUT, I can't place it directly on my bamboo floor because it would mark it up. I had some extra FLOR tiles left over from when I created my "lawn". So, I decided to extend a 14" wide strip out from the lawn for the bike to sit on. And, this is what you see in the picture.