Tuesday, December 04, 2007

water anyone?

So, I've always enjoyed my showers. I take half an hour showers. Waste of water? I don't think so. It wakes me up and helps me mentally prepare for the day. So, I wanted to make showering as enjoyable as possible. And, since I do not have 10 or 20 thousand to drop on renovating my bathroom, I decided to settle for dual shower heads... for now. You might ask why. Well, simply more coverage. It's a very simple item I picked up at Home Depot. Installs quickly and shifts between the shower head or the hand set very easily. And, of course, you can have both heads on at the same time. The water pressure drops a bit, but its worth it. Next I'll drop several thousands on one of those systems that shoots water at you from all different sides....not really.