Sunday, March 11, 2007

rigged up!

So, finally, I got this drawer installed. As I mentioned in my earlier posts of 2006, I had no option but to get a small oven installed in a larger Ikea cabinet. This left me with a space under the oven. For the longest time, I just used it as a storage space to stick things in. But, it just seemed unsightly and sort of bootleg. I always liked the Ikea drawers and wondered if I could install one in the space. Because there had to be a brace built to hold the oven in place, the widest Ikea drawer would not fit. I had to go with the next size down, but this was too narrow for the space. So, I had to install extra blocks of wood to attach the rails to. Even up to the last minute of installing the rails to the extra wood pieces, I still wasn't sure if everything would fit. Then, I dropped the drawer in and I heard that wonderful clicking sound. I was just so happy. I finally installed it. Right now, I have the medal front on the drawer. I might replace it with a wood front to match the rest of the cabinets. Or, maybe, I can find a stainless steel front that would fit. But, for now, I like the metal front. Next step is to spackle and paint to give it a finished look.

Monday, March 05, 2007

love it!

MmmmMmm, I love this product. I planned a great meal for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day this year. We're both foodies and I thought it would be nice. If the meal came out as well as I had planned, it would have been really nice. But, only one dish out of a four course meal came out like I had planned. We were full and it wasn't horrid. My girlfriend was very nice and appreciated my effort. Haha, I'm sure she would have liked the full effect more. But, out of the process of gathering all the ingredients and gearing my kitchen up for a actual cooked meal from scratch, I picked this little item up. Its a pepper grinder. Didn't think much of it when I bought it. Just thought it was the simplest looking one of them all. Cleanest and most simple lines. But, this thing is great. It only requires a one hand operation. You don't even have to stop shovelling the food into your face to operate it. Pump it with your thumb and you have the great taste of freshly ground pepper added to any dish. It was bought specifically for adding pepper to a authentic Italian pasta dish, but it didn't really make a difference. Now, I use it to add fresh ground pepper to anything that it makes sense on. If you don't use fresh ground pepper, you have to try it. It just adds that little punch of flavor. Anyway, it looks great and it serves a great function. Can't beat it.....well for the price. I know there are electric ones too. I haven't graduated to that level yet. :) Till then, enjoy!


I was never one to really get into sweet scented soaps or things of that nature. But, my girlfriend is. And, I've noticed that she always smells great. One day we went to Bath and Body Works. The store she frequents for her body scrubs and lotions. We've gone a many times before and I never picked up anything. Just didn't see the purpose of buying scented soaps or lotions when the normal ones worked just as well or better. But, one day there was a sale. Three for the price of one type of sale. I'm a sucker for a deal, so I picked up a few. One of which was this one that is pictured here. I didn't expect too much out of these soaps, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how this soap smelled. It has a very light uplifting citrus scent. Puts a smile on your face type of smell. There are other soaps that have a soapy or a heavy smell that may be pleasant, but not light and uplifting. I have to say this was one of if not the most pleasant scented soaps I have ever used. Once I have used up my stash of scented soaps that I picked up for a deal, I will definitely hunt this one down again. Plus, the self foaming soaps are great. Use less soap and get that nice lathered feel right away. Nice!