Wednesday, May 23, 2007

got rod

Aaand, finally another piece to the puzzle. I waited a while to get a curtain rod because I knew it would require drilling into concrete. My cousin tried hanging a picture in his concrete wall and knocked out a chunk of wall. That made me pause on attempting anything with my own wall. I invested in a hammer drill and a masonry bit. Yeah, that might have been overkill, but anything to not knock out chunks of my wall. So, I got myself mentally prepared to puncture my wall and started drilling. Of course, there were problems. The drill just seemed to stop penetrating and just spin. I got scared that I might have hit a pipe or some other structure, so I stopped. I'm new to this masonry drilling, so I didn't want to push too much and screw anything up. So, after some research and frustration, I decided to go full throttle and push the drill as hard as it would go. And, to my pleasant surprise, the drill did its job and ate through the cement. I just needed to put my weight behind it. So, now, I have my fat curtain rod up. I love this fat rod from West Elm. It really grounds the window. Now, I have to get curtains with grommets. Fat metal grommets. Nice!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As a lot of people on the island of Manhattan, I'm a bit short on counter space in my kitchen. I had been thinking of purchasing one of those wooden boards that fit over the sink opening, but never knew which one to get. Then, one day it hit me. When my counter people delivered my counter, they left me the cut out pieces from my sink and my stove. I don't know why it never occurred to me earlier. Maybe, because the piece was roughly cut. Anyway, so, I sanded the letters off of it and filed the rough edge off. And, now it adds plenty of counter space when I'm preparing my extravagant three course meals...... okay, grilled ham and cheese.
And, for those interested in doing this to your left over counter cut outs or a slab of material you like, here's what I did to make the extra counter sit better on the counter. I just placed some felt pads on each corner. Make sure they're far apart enough to sit on the sides of the sink. And, there you go. Got yourself a nice little counter extension.


After (the lines and letters that you see are now gone)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

night light...

Here's a view of my work space late at night when my girlfriend is tucked in for the night. I try to keep the light low as to not shed too much light on the living space. Yah, that's studio living for ya. Well, it will be better after I actually decide on a wall and get it installed. But, for now, got to keep the lights low. Its not too bad because I'm usually not drawing that late at night. I probably should be, but I'm usually on the computer. That's the DVD player my girlfriend picked up for me for my birthday sitting on the corner of the table. I've actually hooked up my cable box to it, so now I can watch TV on it. Which helps keep the light even more contained to my work corner. Nice!